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Monday 9 July
"New Media & Politics"

09.00-09.30:   Welcome Remarks by Patricia Moy and Gianpietro Mazzoleni

09.30-11.00:   Lecture by Peter Van Aelst: “Inter-media agenda-setting: Whom follows whom in the social media age?

11.15-12.30:   Lecture by Christian Vaccari: “Social Media and Political Participation in Comparative Perspective

12.30-14.30:   Lunch time

14.30-17.00:   Presentations  Discussants:  Van Aelst (3) [Room # 5], Vaccari (3) [Room # 4]

18.00-19.30:      Welcome Dinner (served in the Faculty’s Gardens)

Tuesday 10 July
"Populism & Social Media"

09.00-10.30:   Lecture by Frank Esser: Understanding the relationship between political leaders and social media for communicating populist messages

10.45-12.15:    Introduction by Patricia Moy to Master Class on “Publishing in Refereed Journals”

12.30-14.30:   Lunch time

14.30-17.00:   Presentations  Discussants:  Esser (3) [Room # 5], Maraffi (3) [Room # 3]

Wednesday 11 July
"Text as Data Analysis"

09.00-10.00:   Lecture by Luigi Curini: “An overview of text as data methods

10.00-11.00:   Lecture by Andrea Ceron: “Topics, sentiment and scaling models in political science (and beyond)

11.15-12.30:   Lecture by Pablo Barbera’: “Using Social Media Data to Study Political Behavior”

12.30-14.00:   Lunch Time

14.00- 15.30: Lab Class (with Pablo Barbera’) [Room TBD]

15.30: Free Time

Thursday 12 July
"Public Opinion"

09.00-10.30:   Lecture by Kate Kenski: “Gender and Public Opinion: An Examination of Don’t Know Responses in Political Knowledge and Opinion Expressions”

10.45-12.15:   Lecture by Lilach Nir: “Public Opinion and the Communication of Inclusiveness

12.30-14.30:   Lunch time

14.30-17.00:   Presentations  Discussants:  Kenski (3) [Room # 5], Nir (3) [Room TBD]

Friday 13 July
"Effects of Election Campaigns"

09.00-10.30:   Lecture by Cristiano Vezzoni: “Collecting survey data during election campaigns: The Rolling Cross Section experience”

10.45-12.15:   Lecture by Ruediger Schmitt-Beck: “Effects of Election Campaigns: The Role of Citizens’ Interpersonal Communication”

12.30-14.30:   Lunch time

14.30-16.30:   Presentations  Discussants:  Vezzoni (3) [Room # 3], Schmitt-Beck (3) [Room # 5]

16.30:   Free time

Saturday 14 July
"Publishing in Refereed Journals"

09.00- 12.00:   Master Class by Patricia Moy

12.00-12.30:   Conclusion of the School

12.30-14.00:   Farewell Lunch (served in the Faculty’s Gardens)

*** In the afternoons participants will present and discuss their research projects with the speakers of the day.

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