The enrollment fee is 750 Euro (VAT 22% included), to be paid only upon the acceptance to the Summer School. The payment procedure will be published in due time. The School offers accommodation, lunches, welcome and farewell dinners, and 4 travel grants.

Please note:
If you would like to request a travel grant, you should  submit an ad-hoc application. Grants are awarded on the basis of most need.

In order to qualify for a grant, you must be a PhD student currently residing in a developing/transitional economy country, as identified by the United Nations (i.e., Tier B and C countries). Find your country tier.
Please specify the need, why you qualify under these criteria, and include your travel costs.

Requests are accepted through 7 April 2020. Recipients of travel grants will be notified by 24 April to facilitate travel planning.

The School will offer accommodation, free lunches, welcome & farewell dinners as well as free access to the facilities of the Department. 

Travel expenses are not covered by the School.