Monday 6 July
"Emotions in Politics"

Lectures by Kimberly Gross and Karen Wahl-Jorgensen

Tuesday 7 July
"Communicating Populism"

Lectures by Toril Aalberg and Claes de Vreese

Wednesday 8 July
"Big Data/Computational Analysis"

Lectures and Master Class by Marco T. Bastos and Fabio Giglietto

Thursday 9 July
"Citizenship and the New Information Environment"

Lectures by Sophie Lecheler and Regina Lawrence

Friday 10 July
"Media Effects in Election Campaigns"

Lectures by Rüdiger Schmitt-Beck and Stuart Soroka

Saturday 11 July
"Publishing in Refereed Journals"

Masterclass by Patricia Moy

*** In the afternoons participants will present and discuss their research projects with the speakers of the day.